Metal working and Processing

There are many different ways of shaping metal. Lubrication used in the process has to match the conditions of each particular technique. In machine tools, it has to enable maximum speeds in bearings, gearboxes and guide systems. In forming processes, on the other hand, the lubricant has to support the one-time pressing, forging or punching process. You can therefore make a basic choice between lubricants for

  • forming processes or
  • machine tools
Metal forming processes made more profitable

Where metal is forged, bent or punched, a lubricant and release agent is normally required, which should be easy to remove once the forming process is completed. No residues should be left in the tool or die.

Our newly adjusted range of process lubricants contains products for the latest market requirements, and we will be pleased to help you find the right solution for your application:

We can offer, for example, a special bonded coating for forging operations, which is not applied to the die but to the workpiece, so in a way it carries its own lubricant with it. We also have a new, aqueous product for the lubrication of the extruder ram where it is in contact with the billet in aluminium extrusion.

These speciality products enable more profitable processes – due to lower consumption, but also because downstream processes are kept simpler.

Your most important benefits at a glance:

  • Reliable performance in your forming processes
  • Low consumption
  • Minimised residue formation on components and dies
Machine tools: speciality lubricants for maximum speeds

The demands on bearings, gears, chucks and guide systems in machine tools are increasing. The need for ever-shorter machining times means that spindle speeds have to increase as well. Drilling and milling head gearboxes have to withstand massive acceleration and high peripheral speeds; drive and guide systems are expected to run smoothly and with consistent maximum precision. Our advanced speciality lubricants support your equipment in meeting these requirements, for example high-speed greases for machine tool spindles that can cope with speed factors above 2,000,000 mm per min. and at the same time enable simpler machine design and assembly. The speed factor n x dm is determined by the speed of the bearing at standard operating conditions n (in min-1) multiplied by the mean bearing diameter (in mm).
With many of our machine tool lubricants life-time lubrication is achievable.

Selecting the right lubricant, however, is often anything but easy for the operators of machine tools. After all, their own requirements are often different from those of the equipment manufacturers. With Machine Lubes and Services you can benefit from our many decades of experience in the lubrication of machine tools. Why not simply contact us via our contact form? We will be pleased to provide consultation on the use of the right lubricant or develop a solution that fits all the machinery in your plant.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • High-speed greases for speed factors up to 2,300,000 mm x min-1
  • Effective protection against corrosion
  • Longer service life of lubricated parts