Linear guides

Linear guides convey product parts in automatic manufacturing processes, ensuring the parts are correctly oriented, even at high speeds, and offer a wide range of possible applications, for example machine tools, industrial robots, medical diagnostic scanners and wafer production.

The lubrication requirements of the different applications vary considerably. In clean room production lubricants must ensure no-wear operation, precision and good adhesion. In machine tools, there is a risk of very fine shavings or aggressive cooling liquids impairing the lubricant. Oils and greases used for this type of application must provide good adhesion, a tight sealing effect and be resistant to ambient media.

Speciality lubricants for various applications

We at Machine Lubes and Services provide lubricants suited to your requirements that ensure maximum lifetime of your linear guides. Our oils and greases considerably extend the lifetime of your parts compared to standard lubricants, even when subject to minute movement and vibration. We also offer speciality lubricants based on fluorinated oils with low vapour pressures for vacuum applications.

We translate the growing requirements of various industries into new solutions and work closely together with manufacturers and operators.

Our lubricants ensure your linear guides run smoothly and precisely for a long time. Talk to our experts near you to find out more about our solutions. Just use our contact page to get in touch with us.