Fire fighting and rescue equipment

Ziegler is one of the world’s leading suppliers of fire fighting vehicles and fire fighting equipment with a rich tradition of quality, experience and innovation.

Zeigler develop and manufacture all types of fire fighting vehicles; where reliability, uncompromising safety, functionality and long service life are the hallmarks of each vehicle.

Ziegler is also a market leader in fire fighting equipment accessories. One of their core competencies is the development of state-of the- art fire pumps and extinguishing technology.

Ziegler centrifugal fire pumps are in a class of their own. Robust, reliable and maintenance friendly, they are produced in single-stage or two-stage configurations in sophisticated design and top quality. Their practical organization, clearly legible measurement instruments, and automatic switching, venting and pressure regulation systems makes operations extremely easy.
Product Portfolio & Specialities

Small fire trucks
Fire engines and rescue fire engines
Rescue trucks
Equipment carriers
Airport crash tenders
Roll-off containers (swap bodies)