Girth gear drives

Large girth gears are used where heavy loads need to be carried in rotary tubular kilns, tube mills, and winches at sea. As the dimensions of such gears can be huge, it is often difficult to protect the gear teeth effectively against external media. In contrast to enclosed gears, dirt, abrasive cement and coal dust and salt water may enter the open drives, accelerating wear and corrosion. Additionally, girth gear drives are subject to heavy shock loads.

For large girth gear drives in particular, proper lubrication in all phases of operation is crucial. Klüber Lubrication has developed a speciality lubrication system to extend the service life of girth gears and protect them against premature wear: the A-B-C system consisting of special adhesive lubricants for priming (A), running-in (B) and operational lubrication (C).

Our special priming lubricants protect gear wheels from the first rotation and contribute to proper alignment of the drive. Running-in lubrication aims at smoothing the tooth flank surfaces and increasing the contact area to reduce stress ratio. With our running-in lubricants you unlock the full performance potential of your installations. During operation of girth gear drives, our speciality lubricants ensure your drives withstand shock loads, corrosion, mixed friction and aggressive media for a long time. In addition to conventional adhesive lubricants containing graphite, our product range also includes modern, transparent special fluids. They quickly remove dust from the critical areas of the lube point and protect your drive reliably against wear. We also manufacture a lubricant especially for gear rim/pinion drives that is based on renewable raw materials – this product offers both excellent performance and biodegradability.

Machine Lubes and Services Support – Our expert knowledge for your drives

The high investment costs for large girth gear drives pays off with maximum uptime. . Therefore, we offer Support, an extensive package of services including: running-in lubrication of new or turned large gears, inspection and maintenance of open drives, mechanical treatment of gear drives and smoothing of minor damage using our special chemical grinding procedure. You benefit from our long-standing experience in tribological research and development.

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