Mining Industry

In mining, the extraction of minerals goes on around the clock. Consequently, components such as bearings, pins, bushes, ropes and gears in mills, shovels or trucks are incessantly subject to friction and wear. Selecting the right lubricant is essential. An incorrectly selected lubricant may lead to premature failure of a component and in the worst case production stoppages entailing high maintenance costs and loss of production output and turnover.

High-performance lubricants for reduced production costs

With the correct lubricant you can extend the service life of the lubricated components and increase the availability of your machines. Lower lubricant and energy consumption also have a positive effect on your operating costs.

Safe mining

Safety first – this is a basic mining rule which is fully endorsed by Machine Lubes Services. Corroded wire ropes or insufficient hydraulic oils may cause serious accidents. We assist you in selecting the right products like fire-resistant hydraulic oils or corrosion-inhibiting wire rope lubricants.

Sustainable green mining

Our aim is to supply eco-friendly lubricants without any loss of performance in comparison to our conventional special lubrication technology. We took mining, forestry, agricultural and ultra-strict marine regulations as a benchmark. W

Wherever mining takes place – we are there

We are present across all continents and in all major mining regions, in many countries with local production facilities, service personnel and sometimes even R&D departments. Our product portfolio is globally available wherever your mining facility requires it.

 our experience for your plant

In the mining sector, every lubrication optimisation will impact your margin. We take care of your open drive maintenance and develop individual lubrication maintenance concepts together with you.

Your benefits at a glance:
  • Reliable wear protection even under extreme load conditions
  • Reduced lubricant consumption and energy costs
  • Tailor-made product development in cooperation with leading mining equipment OEMs
  • Biodegradable lubricants offering highest operational performance

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