Paper Industry

Rotating machines such as drum debarkers and pulpers, rotary tube kilns, etc. are exposed to high stresses. For many expensive components normal oils and greases are no longer sufficient. For example, girth gears need a special lubricant offering high reserve capacity in order to reduce repair costs and keep lubricant consumption as low as possible. We manufacture lubricants which meet the toughest requirements and are used and approved by many machine manufacturers (OEMs) and component suppliers

Proper lubrication of corrugators

For the corrugator industry we offer special PFPE-based lubricating greases and other high-temperature oils which protect against corrosion and wear even at temperatures above 180 °C and other extreme operating conditions,extending maintenance intervals of your steam-heated corrugating and preheating rolls. We also offer oils and greases which are NSF H1-registered and certified according to ISO 21409 – the right choice for those who manufacture paper or packaging material for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Smart solutions

Due to the extensive services we deliver in our customers’ plants, we have first-hand knowledge of your equipment and requirements. This enables us to develop speciality products like transparent adhesive lubricants for easy inspection of your machines and extended service life of your components. For lubrication points which are difficult to access, our  lubricant dispensers ensure reliable metering of the required quantity directly to the application point without additional maintenance effort.

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Your benefits at a glance:

  • Reserve capacity for a multitude of applications, including greases based on PFPE oils and NSF H1-registered products
  • Improved energy efficiency due to lower friction
  • Longer service life of parts due to the excellent load-carrying capacity and resistance to aggressive media
  • Reduced lubricant consumption
  • Lower replacement and maintenance costs