Rolling Bearings

This is why our speciality products for rolling bearings are precisely tuned to the individual application to ensure long, reliable operation.

Rolling bearings are among the most important machine elements and are used in all kinds of applications. Loads and movements are transmitted via rolling elements running between raceways. It’s a highly effective design as long as the metal surfaces are separated by a gap. Direct contact between them, however, leads to undesirable friction, wear and damage, which may even cause the bearing to jam and become unfit for use.

The selection of the lubricant offering optimum protection depends to a high degree on the loads, speeds and temperatures your rolling bearings have to cope with. In steel production, for example, a lubricant film has to be continuous even under extremely high loads and very low speeds. In the electrical industry, in contrast, the focus is on high-purity greases, while in the automotive industry lubricants have to safeguard the desired bearing life at temperatures as low as minus 40 and as high as 180 °C.

Quality you can trust

Our experienced technicians and engineers offer advice on selecting the right speciality lubricant – worldwide. They have an understanding of the requirements of OEMs and operators over many years. In addition to our existing wide range of products, we continuously develop new lubricants for you and test them on a variety of test rigs in our testing section.

Our speciality lubricants can do a lot for your rolling bearings: extend their lifetime, improve their reliability, permit higher speeds and withstand extreme influences. This is why the makers of bearings, cars and machines have put trust in our expertise for many decades.

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