They not only facilitate assembly and dismantling but also reduce friction, increasing the preload force. You will save maintenance, repair and purchasing costs.

Tightening of screws imposes tough tribological conditions: high surface stress, mixed and boundary friction and in most cases low sliding speeds. The requirements to be met by the lubricant are equally high: it has to absorb high pressures and at the same time ensure a tight range of friction values in order to achieve higher preload forces and consistent tightening torques. Furthermore, your lubricant has to perform efficiently at high temperatures to ensure non-destructive dismantling and prevent expensive repairs and safety risks.

Successful through proper lubricant selection

The most suitable lubricant for your application depends on the service temperature, media influences and material combinations. Our highly experienced experts will be pleased to advise you which lubricant to select from our extensive product portfolio. Customers from the automotive industry, for example, rely on our thermally stable lubricating and assembly pastes for lubricating their turbocharger fasteners. For many production areas where dry lubrication and clean handling are of particular importance, our special wax emulsions and bonded coatings are used. Furthermore, we manufacture lubricants which are readily biodegradable or even NSF H1/H2-registered and ISO-21469 certified for use in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

We have been working together with screw manufacturers and end users for many years in order to develop the most diverse solutions which improve the function of threaded fasteners. For this purpose we also design new special lubricants matching your specific requirements.

Using speciality lubricants for screws provides you with many benefits. Tthey ensure that no damage occurs during assembly and dismantling and increase preload forces without requiring higher tightening torques. Furthermore, they reduce friction, thus permitting smaller screw and nut dimensions, which cuts costs.

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