Plain bearings

Our speciality lubricants are suited to your requirements and minimise friction and wear, extend maintenance intervals and thus considerably reduce your costs.

In plain bearings, the moving parts are in direct line contact with one another. They can absorb more force than rolling bearings, but due to higher friction, plain bearings are subject to higher wear. The lubricant must match your operational and design requirements to ensure your plain bearings run smoothly without relubrication for a long time. For example, plain bearings used in the cement industry are subject to completely different requirements to those used on ships, in the automotive industry or in food processing. We are at your side when it comes to selecting the right lubricant for your application, e.g. dry sliding bearings, sintered bearings, bronze plain bearings or hydrodynamic plain bearings. We grow close cooperation with institutes, research facilities and plain bearing manufacturers and users to ensure that the lubricants exceed design requirements.

Our product range is as comprehensive as your requirements: we offer high-performance greases for extreme requirements, NSF H1-registered lubricants for use in the food-processing and pharmaceutical industries and rapidly biodegradable speciality lubricants for agriculture, forestry and the water resources industry.

Developed for real-life requirements

Our synthetic speciality lubricants ensure that shaft and bearing insert remain separated reliably and extend relubrication intervals, even at very high or low temperatures. We developed lubricating pastes for spherical plain bearings in the steel industry that offer reliable lubrication at temperatures as high as 450 °C. Also special greases for bronze plain bearings in construction machines and cranes reliably protect against corrosion and wear when subject to oscillating movements, low speeds and high loads. Our high-performance bonded coatings optimise the surfaces of your bearings, for example during initial running-in processes. They also provide emergency lubrication, e.g. of engines, should the lubricant supply be interrupted.

The right speciality lubricant ensures smooth and safe running, under strong loads or the influence of water and other ambient media, extending the lifetime of your plain bearings in vehicles, machines and installations.

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